journal of mobile interactions Vol.10 No.1/2

モバイル学会誌 10巻1号・2 号 合併号

titleA Study on Trends in Usage of Mobile P2P Payment Services in Europe and the US
AbstractThis study examines trends in mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) payment services in Europe and the US. The results indicate that mobile P2P payment services are popular in the US; moreover, while they are popular in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and the Netherlands, this is not the case in other major European countries. Based on the results, this study also discusses the factors contributing to the popularity of these services, such as trust in the security of mobile payments, and the number of ATMs.
キーワード個人間送金, 送金アプリ, モバイルペイメント, ペイメントサービス
KeywordsP2P payment, mobile payment, trend survey, denominal verb
pageモバイル学会誌 2020, vol.10(1/2); pp. 1- 9

モバイル学会誌10巻1号・2 号 合併号

Journal of mobileinteractions Vol.10 No.1/2