journal of mobile interactions Vol.9 No.1/2

モバイル学会誌 9巻1号・2 号 合併号

titleA Narration of Community Resources Utilization on Hybrid Walking around Town - A Case Study of “Furumachi Quest 2017” –
著者藤田 美幸(新潟国際情報大学 情報文化学部)
AbstractIn this research, the researcher developed “hybrid walking”- walking around town that combines gamification analog and digital with a narration of community resources. This walking around town increases the value of reginal resources. The researcher experiments to prove “hybrid walking” of gamification and narration. Narration evokes powerful emotions, inspires change and drives action. Gamification describes the broad trend of applying game mechanics to non-game environments to motivate people and alter their behaviors. This model experiment was done in Niigata City. Participants who increased social communication have a strong passion towards the town. Thus, they stayed longer, spent more money and they were satisfied than local residents did. “Hybrid walking” enables town-walks to be more flexible so participants can move faster in developing their regional innovations in their dynamic environment.
Keywordshybrid walking, regional innovation, regional enhancement, gamification,narrative marketing
pageモバイル学会誌 2019, vol.9(1/2); pp. 1- 6
titleDevelopment of a Teaching Plan to Make an Own Rule by Using the Check Tool to Prevent Trouble on SNS
著者兼子 香月(宮城教育大学技術教育専攻), 安藤 明伸(宮城教育大学技術教育講座)
キーワード情報モラル, 授業開発, 自己評価, メディアリテラシー, 生徒指導
pageモバイル学会誌 2019, vol.9(1/2); pp. 7- 13
titleAn appreciation message presentation aiming to suppress social annoyance acts
著者渋谷 雄, 小西 健太(京都工芸繊維大学)
AbstractComparing with a message giving attention, an appreciation message is unlikely to encourage a psychological reactance of the user who received the message. Furthermore, an appreciation message encourages the formation of reciprocity with the sender of the message. In order to enhance the reciprocity formation effect by presenting appreciation messages, a proposed method presents the appreciation message to the user using visual and auditory presentation method according to the user’s holding style of an umbrella or a carry bag. Experimental evaluation showed that the message presentation using smartwatch was easy to feel that the message was presented to himself. It also showed that when users received the message without identifying sender, the presence of the sender was weakened. From these results, presenting an appreciation message with the feel of presence of the sender to the smart watch suggests that reciprocity may be formed between the user and the fictitious message sender and suppression of social annoying behavior may be promoted in the real environment.
キーワード社会的迷惑行為, 抑制, 傘, キャリーバッグ, 感謝メッセージ
Keywordssocial annoying behavior, suppression, umbrella, wheelie bag and appreciation messages
pageモバイル学会誌 2019, vol.9(1/2); pp. 15- 24

モバイル学会誌9巻1号・2 号 合併号

Journal of mobileinteractions Vol.9 No.1/2