journal of mobile interactions Vol.6 No.1

モバイル学会誌 6巻1号

titleThe Effects of Character Sizes and Aging on the Evaluation of the Readability of E-book Reader
著者松波 紫草, 石井 佑樹, 岩田 光平(名古屋大学大学院情報科学研究科),小嶌 健仁(名古屋大学大学院情報科学研究科,中部学院大学), 宮尾 克(名古屋大学大学院情報科学研究科)
AbstractWe conducted the experimental reading test to evaluate the effects of Character Sizes and Aging on readability of E-book reader that is the LCD with backlit and the e-paper with built-in light, and ordinary paper text with different age groups. We set the text character size in four levels; 4 pt (character height: 1.4 mm), 6 pt (character height: 2 mm), 8 pt (character height: 2.75 mm), 12 pt (character height: 3.25 mm). On the basis of this and our prior studies that investigated the effects of character size, we suggest the character size of 6 pt is the limiting minimum size level at which subjects whose age is 64 years and younger can maintain their performance and the size of 8 pt is the level for the subject whose age is 65 years and older. Further this study found possibility that E-book readers had 2 advantages of readability over the paper text. First, E-book readers improved the evaluations of readability for older groups, as they were of variable text size. Second, the backlights of LCDs contributed to improving subjective evaluations for the younger group at the 4 pt size.
キーワード電子書籍リーダー, 可読性, 文字サイズ, 加齢
KeywordsE-book reader, Readability, Character size, Aging
pageモバイル学会誌, Vol.6 (1), pp.1-9 (2016)
titleICT Shopping Business Based on Conscience of Tohoku Residents
著者小川 哲司(静岡大学 創造科学技術大学院), 遊橋 裕泰(静岡大学 大学院総合科学技術研究科)
AbstractGreat East Japan Earthquake of evacuees also are about 20 million people.The purpose of this paper, through the case of social-business social entrepreneurs to challenge the resolution of regional issues, is to clarify the role of ICT in Social Innovation. Therefore, this research treated a case of ICT shopping business based on conscience of Tohoku residents, attempts to modeling of business processes using interviews and DEMO to social entrepreneurs and the service user, and tried to approach the role of ICT. Taking advantage of the ICT for the business that originally human beings are responsible, reduce costs, such as labor costs. Not only automate and informate the role of ICT, It revealed that simplification of business processes and change of executor.
KeywordsSoial innovation,Shoppinng Business Based on Conscience,ICT,DEMO,The Great East Japan Earthquake
pageモバイル学会誌, Vol.6 (1), pp.11-16 (2016)
titleLens Accommodation Response during the Viewing of Images Displayed on See-Through Smart Glasses
著者木村 瞭太, 遠山 貴大(名古屋大学), 戸谷 貴洋, 宮尾 敏明(セイコーエプソン株式会社), 小嶌 健仁(名古屋大学), 石尾 広武(福山市立大学), 森田 一三, 木下 史也, 山川 達也, 宮尾 克(名古屋大学)
AbstractIn recent years, many visual devices have been produced for consumers. The development of see-through smart glasses has attracted much attention. These glasses overlap virtually images by using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Epson released the BT-2000 see-through smart glasses, which change distance of display by changing convergence. It is not confirmed that changing distance of display allow to change distance of lends accommodation. In this experiment, we measured lens accommodation of subjects viewing images displayed on see-through smart glasses. The results found that lens accommodation moved with the image position for over one hundred people. Therefore, our study verified that correct reaction occurred visual physiologically.
キーワードシースルー, スマートグラス, 水晶体調節, 拡張現実
Keywordssee-through, smart glasses, lens accommodation, Augmented Reality
pageモバイル学会誌, Vol.6 (1), pp.17-21 (2016).
titlePsycho-physiological effects of the multiple objects tracking task in stereoscopic viewing
著者佐竹 秀一(立命館大学大学院), 萩原 啓(立命館大学 情報理工学部)
AbstractRecently, advances in stereoscopic imaging technology have opened up opportunities to view three-dimensional (3D) images and it is expected that 3D imaging technology will be further utilized in medical facilities. In our study, we measured oxygenated hemoglobin (oxyHb) and High Frequency Component (HF) as objective parameters and RAS (Roken Arousal Scale) and SSQ (Simulator Sickness Questionnaire) as subjective parameters of experimental participants during Multiple Object Tracking (MOT) task under 3D stereoscopic image condition. As a result, the highest mean value of oxyHb change was recorded for 3D MOT task. Under 3D condition, HF values were statistical different between MOT and no MOT. A subjective evaluation of the RAS and SSQ results showed that general activation increased and disorientation decreased when experimental participant performed 3D MOT. In summary, we found that the psycho-physiological responses of test subjects were affected by presentation conditions, and 3D MOT could decrease faults in 3D comprehension and thus lead to brain activation.
キーワード近赤外線分光法, 酸素化ヘモグロビン, 複数オブジェクト追跡課題, 3D 立体映像, HF
KeywordsfNIRS, oxyHb, Multiple Object Tracking, 3D stereoscopic image and HF
pageモバイル学会誌, Vol.6 (1), pp.23-29 (2016).
titleInfluence of Attentional Functions and Overload with Dual Task on Brain Hemodynamics, Respiratory Rate and HRV
著者長澤 大志(立命館大学大学院 情報理工学研究科), 萩原 啓(立命館大学 情報理工学部)
AbstractNowadays, the study of image processing enable us to measure easily heart rate variability (HRV) and respiratory rate without contact. However, the influence of attentional function and overload with multi task is rarely studied. Therefore, the objective of the present study is to analyze the relationship of those. We measured the weighted workload (WWL) score, the mean concentration of oxygenated hemoglobin (oxyHb), the standard deviation of oxyHb concentration, respiratory data and electrocardiogram (ECG) data. In this experiment, we conducted n-back tasks, stroop tasks, visual search tasks and dual tasks. Each task require different attentional functions. As a result, respiratory rate was significantly increased in dual tasks. Therefore, the rise in divided attention increase respiratory rate. In addition, the high-load stroop task with the auditory task had high WWL score and low oxyHb concentration. This result indicates overload state. At that time, ECG data showed distinctive trends. According to the above results, the present study suggest that attentional functions and overload with multi task affect respiratory rate and HRV.
キーワード酸素化ヘモグロビン, 注意機能, 過負荷, 呼吸数, 心拍変動
KeywordsOxygenated Hemoglobin, Attentional Function, Overload, Respiratory Rate and HRV
pageモバイル学会誌, Vol.6 (1), pp.31-38 (2016).td>

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