journal of mobile interactions Vol.11 No.1/2

モバイル学会誌 11巻1号・2 号 合併号

titleBattery degradation analysis of mobile devices based on user usage survey data
著者浅野 実, 横川 慎二,石垣 陽(電気通信大学大学院 情報理工学研究科) ,冨永 潤一 ,粟津 浜一(株式会社 携帯市場)
AbstractLithium-ion secondary battery (LiB) have been widely used as energy storage systems in various fields. On the other hand, the LiB has a challenge in second-hand use to realize a sustainable society. In general, the degradation of LiB depends on the complex usage tendencies of users, and the progression is not uniform. Therefore, it is essential to understand the state of degradation of LiB, which is the standard for secondary use, and to find out the cause of why they are degraded. In this research, we investigated the feature extraction method to determine the degradation state of LiB by understanding the usage trends of users through the analysis of smartphone usage surveys. Using statistical analysis and machine learning methods, we identified differences in usage trends among 1,800 smartphone users and compared the relationship with degradation to extract features for determining the state of LiB degradation. In particular, we extracted the features for determining the degradation state of LiB by using an ensemble index that can utilize the characteristics of multiple methods.
KeywordsSmartphone, Survey data analysis, Battery, Mobile device
pageモバイル学会誌, vol.11(1/2); pp. 1- 8(2021)

モバイル学会誌11巻1号・2 号 合併号

Journal of mobileinteractions Vol.11 No.1/2